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About LNG-X

LNG-X is independent trading platform for Free Spot LNG.

Setup in 2017 in order to respond to market changes and cope with the uncertainty of future supply and demand. Over the past decade LNG contracting strategies have grown in importance. In this respect, most buyers pay particular attention to flexibility –in terms of destination as well as off-take obligations– and price competitiveness.

In a well supplied market and given the significant quantities under long-term contracts which are due to expire in the medium-term the share of spot and short-term volumes (which remained stable at around 28% of total trade) could increase further in the coming years. In this respect LNG-X offers an Ideal market place for sellers, traders and buyers of LNG as it offers not alone a platform to facilitate trades but also flexibility on destination and off-take obligations.

The LNG-X Trading Platform

The LNG-X Trading Platform operates as an independent, online platform for selling or buying physical cargoes of LNG. Members can connect on the platform and securely  buy or sell LNG using our online tender or auction process.

LNG-X Membership

Membership  is open to companies or partnerships that buy or sell physical cargoes of LNG.

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